In January, 2017, a group of people met at Dupont Elementary School to hear the story of City of Refuge in Atlanta, a well-established non-profit that has brought “light and hope” into the poorest and most dangerous zip code of Atlanta for the past 20+ years.  Since that meeting, a core group of Hopewell citizens, pastors, professionals, educators, government officials and others have continued to work together to bring a similar vision to the city of Hopewell. In April 2018, City of Refuge: Hopewell become an incorporated 501c3, a Board was established, and soon after, we adopted the City of Refuge Hopewell Recovery Center as our first arm of direct service for Hopewell citizens who are impacted daily by the Opioid crisis permeating our region and our Nation.


City of Refuge: Hopewell continues to develop a model of service that reduces barriers to success by providing quality wraparound and support services both for our recovery participants and others coming to us for support.  As we move forward, we are actively building participation from workforce partners who want to help hard to employ individuals gain meaningful employment and, as a result, more meaning and hope in their lives. We also seek to partner with “best-practice” agencies in our city and region who can provide access to quality services for our participants, either at CoR: Hopewell or through a quick and efficient referral process.  These services include, but are not limited to, health and mental health services, quality childcare and family support services, financial and physical fitness, life skills, job skills and workforce training and development.


Currently, CoR: Hopewell offers one on-site program, the City of Refuge Hopewell: Recovery Center.  As we build capacity, we anticipate building additional on-site programs to include Workforce Development Services and Early Childhood Education supports.

CoR Hopewell Recovery Center: We are a Peer-led, 9-month recovery program open to anyone earnestly seeking recovery.  Using a best practice model of recovery support, we lead our participants through cognitive-behaviorally based activities of self-discovery and skill building while holding them accountable and providing community supports to help them find their pathway to recovery.  

Additionally, we are a Court diversion program using a sanctioned system, which means we work with local court systems to provide an alternative sentencing model for those caught in the cycle and behaviors often associated with addiction.
If you or someone you know is interested in partnering with us or finding your recovery pathway with us, please contact Jennifer Baker, Director of Operations, at jennifersb35@gmail.com or,  if you would like more details about our program, you can view a flier here.